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  1. Ive read through quite a few threads on Solar panel set up and have a few questions.

    I plan to use either a flexible 160W panel (although from what Ive read, rigid should be fine too) mounted on Majors roof connected to:

    Votronic Remote Meter

    and a Votronic 250W Dual Battery MPPT Controller

    Is that brand a good one?

    The meter I plan to mount on the back of the Westy wardrobe unit, out of the way but where would the MPPT Controller be situated?

    Do I need a Splitcharge Relay?

    Would it be wise to pop inline fuses between the controller and main & leisure batteries, Im thinking so for a bit of safety.

    Andy_H_VW has a good, descriptive thread and uses the Votronic components.

    Cabling and connectors, I'll list those another day as they are self explanatory.

    Any hints / tips and advice greatly received.
  2. The installation instructions should include fusing recommendations.
    But essentially from solar cell onwards in the circuit theres enough energy to start a fire and make wiring hot.

    Solar cells are basically current limited : 160W is 8 amps so heavy enough wire will protect from problems.

    But a fuse will be required at on the feed to the battery which protects from the controller failing short circuit across the battery.

    I also have an isolating switch on the solar cell input to my controller so I can work on it on a sunny day without risking damaging things even with battery disconnected.

    Note also that some dual battery chargers have a strong output to the leisure battery and a weaker trickle charge to the starter : this could be an issue if e.g. the stereo is connected to the starter battery.
  3. @mikedjames

    Thanks for the information, much appreciated!

    Cable size noted and I will source it to suit the amperage, the Meter comes with cable, I assume will be man enough.

    An isolating switch makes sense.

    We do have a stereo connected to the main battery but wouldn't be used when parked up. The only things which would be used are some low wattage LED lights.

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