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  1. Not looking to live in the van full time, but interested in sourcing decent solar panels for permanent fitment to the glass fibre top.

    would prefer lightweight flexible type , I think ! and a good power input, which would bring me to the next component, a decent deep cycle battery..

    whos got what ? whats a decent power output ,

    not looking to supply the grid, just power a JK fridge, work some LEDS and maybee a small TV and possibly a 12 v CD player ..


    PS I have a split charge system which works fine but unless you start the van up your gonna run out of power .. Ive read that you cant hook the solar ito a battery that subject to spit charge charging ? any ideas on that info ?
  2. Try a browser search initially as there is a tonne of information hidden in the forum archives. That should get you started, then take it from there with specifics...:thumbsup:
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  3. Oh and ref the battery charging, a good quality solar charge controller will ensure that current flows to the battery only when it needs it.
    Same as a 230v mains smart charger, or a voltage sensing split charge relay.
    My simple head considers the leisure battery as the heart of the system.
    Therefore it's a marine 110amp unit. Lower capacity than some, but heavy duty construction means thicker plates, more duty cycles and longer performance.
    Big capacity simply means you have more to top up! I had to chop the wheel well to fit it so its a compromise, but worth it.
    My 3 charging sources are :
    1.from the alternator, via a durite VSR
    2.from a ctek 10 amp smart charger when hooked up
    3.from 180w total flexible Global Solar panels via a mppt charge controller.

    Simple, but the best kit I could afford. Buy cheap and you may regret it.
    We can live off that, and have done.
    Hope that gets you started, there's a lot of choice and opinion out there...
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