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  1. I have four Solbian SP100 type semi-rigid solar panels available. These are the same as the two on the roof of my bus (Devon pop-top) . Condition of the cells similar to these two.
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    These are high efficiency 20 volt 5 amp type panels, claimed by the manufacturer to be up to 23% efficient, with a plastic cladding and a plastic backing.

    They can be curved by up to 25% in one axis.
    They are about 500mm wide and 1000 mm long. Fixing via screw holes at edge or PU glue under the panel.

    These units are second hand and used, have been repaired after seawater corrosion of the terminals then used on a garage roof. They have traces of the original sealant used to glue them down on the back. This can be scraped off.

    Working but battered condition : Price £50 each + delivery costs or collect.

    I am in Hamble, Hampshire. Contact me through TLB.
  2. Are they flexible enough for the curve of a westie roof?
  3. How well do they currently perform in our latitude Mike? Do you have any data on what they are producing now?, having been seawater corroded and repaired.
    I take it they are 100w? each. Or are they nominal 70w as you say they are rated at 5amps?
    You know your electronics so what do they actually output.
    Serious question because I have always resisted putting panels on our narrow boat because the payback doesn't justify the investment.
    But at 50 quid per panel....
    Oh, and why are you selling them?
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  4. They are rated 100 watts which is 20 volts x 5 amps. With a pair of these panels flat on the roof of the bus, and an non-mppt controller (just a PWM regulator), I see up to about 5 amps for two panels in the summer sun. Friday lunch time the sun shone and I was getting 3 amps. (but the summer sun figure may be a bit low as I found a bad connection on one panel's wiring inside the bus just before Techenders)

    I already have two on my bus. The shed where the other four are doesnt need them any more.

    The corrosion eats just the ends off the tinsel strips inside the panels, where they come to the junction box, and water creeps in.
    So the fix was to cut away at the backing plastic until clean metal was reached, wires were soldered on and re-sealed.

    At the moment I dont have any pictures of the condition of the four that are not on the bus, the bus top picture shows clearly the typical scratching and gouges in the surface of the panels.

    In terms of curvature, imagine curving them round a cylinder - then they will bend about 12.5cm across the short edge, or 25cm along the long edge. But not compound curves- bulges or dips.
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