Solar panel clean cable routing

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for nice way to route the cable from panel mounted on the roof of a front hinged westfalia roof to somewhere inside the van (either under the rock and roll bed or inside the spare wheel well).

    My plan so far is:
    • Sleeve on the pop top fabric
    • Hole through the roof to get between the roof and the headliner.
    And then I'm stuck, because I don't have a wardrobe to hide the mess...

    So my questions are:
    • How did you route the cables nicely from the roof to your controller?
    • What is the route used to wire the Westy interior lights? That might be the best route to follow.
  2. this is what I did came through the roof with a cable gland stick on with silkaflex... but then as your panel is going on the hinged bit that won't help you. Once inside I ran between the two panels of the roof and exited at the rear to the controller as positioned. I think there are some suitable holes to be able to cable tie your cable neatly in the roof void.
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  3. The cable gland is at the top left of the panel?

    I might be able to get to the same place with only minimal cable showing. Out from the sleeve on the outside of the pop top fabric, then under the rack.

    What is that roof void your talking about? Is the roof made of 2 panels with a gap in between them?
  4. Yes the cable gland is at the front left of the panel (situated within the roof rack recess).
    Mine is a US import bus and there is a void space at the rear - effectively there is the roof panel, then the void then another steel panel and below this the ply interior/roof liner. It's pretty obvious and I think it was the space that the sunroof would have gone into. If you don't have a US bus then yours may well be different, I can take more pictures if you want to see any more.
  5. I need to check if I have a similar style of void in the roof on an English westy...
    But you said it was obvious and I don't remember anything obvious when I was looking up there...
    I can still do under the rack to the rear corner. Then usz the same method as you.
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  7. I just used the easy route through the rear vents into the engine compartment then through a couple of holes into the spare wheel well. Not pretty or particularly discrete though.
    2018-04-13 14.39.27.jpg

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