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  1. Not sure if you saw my Q u reckon the Victron 75/15 will be sufficient for running 2 x 100 watt panels? (the 15 Amp is a bit cheaper and smaller than the 100/20). Apologies for all the questions, just want to get it all right.
  2. My panel produces more power than yours ..... mine works at least I think it still does? I haven't looked at the controller for sometime.
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  3. no I would go for the 20 amp controller fro 200Watts
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  4. Oh really, you don't reckon the 15 amp one is enough, even though it says it can manage panels up to 220 watt.
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  5. 15 amps is 180 watts at 12 volts and 210 watts at 14 volts.

    A 15A MPPT will be pretty well matched to 200 watts, there will be some heat losses, hence the converter may be losing 10% of the power or being 90% efficient.
    Like all voltage regulators and power supplies, dont bury it in a hot unventilated hole behind stuff and it will be happy. Make it hot and it dies faster..
  6. Yeah, although Im not smart enough to do the math like Mike, experience with 180w over the last 5 years shows you'll rarely hit 11amp output.
    The 15 will be fine...:thumbsup:
  7. I like a bit of spare capacity to cater for manufacturing tolerances etc I wouldn't want to run these things at almost 100% all the time.

    Get the 20 amp and leave yourself some ceiling room
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