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  1. Got a T4 LWB Turbo at the mo that I converted myself. Now panicking about diesel prices going up so have decided to go back to T2's which I had back in the late 60's and 70's. Probably take me a while to get used to the reduction in size and speed but the money bit appeals to me, as well as no MOT
    So if anyone has an unconverted T2 or a T2 thats a tip inside give me a shout as I like converting vans.

    BTW My other car is a 4 litre V8 Cobra Replica !
  2. welcome aboard ....:thumbsup:
  3. Hi, from sunny Barnsley :thumbsup:
  4. Welcome.
    It’s probably the first time I’ve seen lower running costs as a reason for buying a T2. The future could be interesting.:)
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  5. Hello and welcome
  6. Welcome :thumbsup:
  7. Welcome
    You won't have to slum it in a T2.
    Nor do you have to go slower than T4s .

    I fly past T4s and I'm 100% air cooled, rather than Subaru powered.

    Assume you will still need an mot and you won't be disappointed
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    Welcome along. I really want another V8. 4 litre might just be enough of one :thumbsup:
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    Hello from climatically changeable Chester
  10. Welcome from East Grinstead. Home of the Scientologists
  11. FTFY :thumbsup:
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  12. Diesel will have to more than double to make running a 24mpg Petrol van the economical option
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
  14. Welcome from a dark and cold Huthwaite :)
  15. Thanks for the greets. Its the whole package really. I cant realy work on VW Diesel engines yet I can tear down and rebuild an air cooled in a day or two as Ive had quite a few Beettles back in the 70's as well as building several Porsche speedster replicas. There wont be any MOT's if I get a pre 77 van so that means no road tax and no MOT. I can do my own welding etc so the whole idea of going back to a T2 appeals to me. At my age too, I can probably be buried in it which wont be long now.
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  16. Hello and welcome from Tufty.

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