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  1. Hi all
    Is there any adjustment on the rear end of the sliding door please as I have a gap at the front?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. The roller assembly that runs on the track is held in by four bolts I think, you need to adjust that. You’ll have to take the door off to get to them all though
  3. If the track roller is worn, then it drops the back of the door a bit..
    Also the U part of the rear hinge mechanism wears its bushings and sags in addition to the sliding down in the bolt holes.
    Bushings are replaceable, the U is also but either £180 for one that fits, or £20 for a Brazilian one that does not fit at all without 4 hours of precision metal filing, or pray at @davidoft 's altar and in return for a large sum of money get a good OG one.
    You can also drop the door at the bottom front corner with the roller height asjustment.

    Its possible also the frame was restored a bit wonky or somebody did something like this..

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  4. You get the idea ...

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  5. davidoft

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    The front looks to high , the back is to low, adjust the 2 hinges as above, are you coming to techenders?
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  6. Bring it to Techenders - Davids laser like stare will fix it in minutes.
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  7. Whats going on with the top seat belt mount :confused:
  8. Where is techenders held at?

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  9. Won't sit flat because of edge trim so this will do till I get some washers.

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  11. Just down the road from me. I'd pop along if my engine wasn't in 1000 pieces in my garage currently
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    Bring it, we can put it together at the bar ;)
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  13. It's all bagged & tagged so should be a doddle :D
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  14. And you think he's joking :)
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  15. Just four bolts?? We've heard that one before...
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    At the end of the night :thumbsup:
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  17. Have you asked Gwyneth Paltrow about this?
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    I see what you did there :thumbsup:
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  19. As already been suggested if the door was sitting nice before, look for play in the main rear mechanism brass bushes.

    Failing that, If the front lower roller is shimmed, take one out to drop the front edge of the door.. then you can loosen the upper top roller to ensure it can run far enough along the top track..and also get at small amount of adjustment on the rear mechanism’s 4 bolts where it bolts to the door.
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  20. Door has always been like this & there's no shims at the front mate.

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