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  1. Hi all
    Can someone please tell me what these threaded holes are for on both edges of the sliding door.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. [​IMG]
    Champagne Edition - but I found a picture which had the same holes shown in a 1969 technical manual so there must have been an option to fit them . I wonder if e.g. those airport taxi/buses shown in the literature had them too, and the Champagne Edition was actually an excuse to empty the parts bins...of soon to be redundant Tupperware..
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  4. They are indeed for plastic trim pieces. You can get the front one, but not the rear for left-hand sliders.
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  5. A3EB2AC9-E46E-4F94-8554-809E9C01E15F.jpeg
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  6. Always wondered what I was missing there...

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