Sliding door striker plate

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by simon, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. I think I know the answer already, is this the wrong striker plate for a sliding door as I have to slam the door really hard to shut it.

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  3. I as comparing it to this one, mines a 1973 with the early sliding door with the lock in the door handle.

  4. Mines an early style door and looks like this one.

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  5. Adjustment of the position of the rollers amd the striker plates will help. You can move the hinge up and down a bit at the back of the door. The hinge may have moved up in the door over time. Loosen all the bolts , open the door, jack the door up off the track and adjust.

    Also check the roller on the track - mine had a massive groove worn in the roller. New replacements are expensive rubbish.

    The patina on that striker plate says its a modern replacement so probably a simpler cheaper Brazilian near equivalent - the older ones are less shiny.

    Mine has been slammed so much the hinge U bracket broke and there are fatigue cracks in the metal of the door round the hinge fixing points ..

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