Skegvegas 2017

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Sick Boy, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Nope not going to that either. Too far away from here.
  2. skirk

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    I think this will be my one show of the year :thumbsup:
  3. Quite fancied this as it's a nice run from where I am and not a part of the world I've been to since I was a kid.
    Unfortunately Adult prices kick in at 14 and we have two 15 year old's which makes it a bit prohibitive.
  4. Let's go and camp with the Bob Dogs. Looks like we'll have more than we got at Camperjam!
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  5. Can I come too?
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  6. You are more than welcome mate

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  7. More the merrier as far as I'm concerned....just be aware that I shall be slipping into the guise of my alter ego..'Big Chief Talking plums'....and will be drunk for most of the weekend.
    Rather looking forward to it!
    Unlike my wife, who will be putting up with me being a total arse all weekend.....she's a patient lass, god bless her.
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  8. Would appear the highlight of this Friday night was pie & chips......
    I'm going to get very messed up next weekend.......
    Almost tempted to go and sit in the van and skin up now....!
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  9. Looking forward to a few days away it's been a hell of a few months! Will PM you @fugly76 and @the-bobdogs to
    coordinate :thumbsup:
  10. skirk

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    Will see you there
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  11. Be good to see you Saon....Are Lou & Red coming too...?
  12. skirk

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    I'll give you a catch up when I see you. The short answer is no.
  13. Ok fella....look forward to cracking a beer or two with you.
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  14. I'd love to join in as I'm going on my own. Are we meeting somewhere, can I PM my details to someone to arrange a spot to camp?
  15. Well my 92 year old mother has got the bug. Having just had a weekend at Harewood house festival in leeds . She insists on my getting a ticket for Skeg Vegas ..
    She's a little unsteady on her feet so we carry a chair for her to rest on .
    If you see her say Hi to her she's called Hella 20170813_125503.jpg 20170813_125444.jpg
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  16. Anyone who wants to tie up with us this weekend....just call me on 07793 126323 and I can let you know where we all are! Should be on site around 5 on Friday.
    If it's a weekend of quiet contemplation you seek, then you may be better of camping as far a way from us as possible!!
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  17. Been to Skegvages for the last 3 years, great weekend hills to burn your engine out on too . Unfortunately i have to care for my 94 year old dad as my sister is away on holiday , we have to take it in turns .
    We enjoyed driving around the Lincolnshire wolds after the festival ...lovely bit of unspoilt countryside .
    Have a good boozy weekend you guys that are going ...and if you are going to spew make sure your OUTSIDE .:D
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  18. Looks like we got a few comingmy number is 07740344341

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  19. I always spew on the outside......
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  20. I suppose you must really be drunk if you can't make it out of a dub . You are more likely to be sick on the bus next to you ...with the old one hand holding you up job :burp:

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