Skegvegas 2017

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  1. 18th to 20th August - just booked but don't see a thread on here. Anyone else coming?
  2. Great news - can I order in advance?
  3. Wouldn't miss it....great show!
  4. Come early for Mac and cheese we sold out on Saturday last year but will be bringing lots extra this year!!
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  5. Reckon we may be coming along...said that last year though and never got there
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  6. Got our tickets!!!!
    Looking forward to it!!!
    Not been before!
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  7. Went last year great show but this year going to be there in the camper :):)
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  8. Revesby Park is a really nice location, great scenery!
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  9. And good food too at the Poptop kitchen!
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  10. We're in Crete else we'd go for the weekend.

    I totally agree on Poptop Kitchen, lovely food!
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  11. I had a great time last year, loved the Vegas gambling theme. Great alternative music tent. Air cooled were in the vast majority. Smashed the wall of death, although it's not as easy as it looks. Really looking forward to going this year, it's one of my faves.
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  12. Was on my list for this year, but will be in California on family hols , maybe next year. ;) ( was recommended )
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  13. Yes i will be there ...bin going the last three years ,good atmosphere .
    It's nice to trundle out over the Lincolnshire wolds ...wonderful bit of unspoilt Britain :thumbsup:
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  14. I'm thinking about maybe coming down as I have heard good things about it so will keep an eye on here. Is there a latebay camping bit?
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  15. Yep will be there!
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  16. You can camp with us mate!
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  17. Just booked now. Looking forward to catching up with a few of you :thumbsup:
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  18. Looks like a good show but its Tatton only 2 weeks before so won't end up going to another show this year.
  19. Apart from Techenders you mean? :thinking:

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