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Discussion in 'EARLYBAY.COM REFUGE' started by Hadders, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Any1 know why I can't register for the earlybay forum? Tried 3 different emails and never received the confirmation email to log in, even emailed the site with no reply.

    Feel so rejected

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  2. Anyone know if others are having problems registering

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  3. I signed up a few weeks ago. Still can't get on.
  4. Glad it's not just me then

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  5. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    I can't get on with either my original user name or the new one I created
  6. I'm in ,pas de problem...

    and I can post...:D

    although I need to change this bit

    Van Type: tintop,pickup,westy

    to t25 ,pickup,golf and sprinter...:D
  7. Check your spam email folder. See if the emails you expect have been filtered into there

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