Site recommendations at Croyde please.

Discussion in 'Holidays, Trips Campsites' started by Bloomers100, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Looking for a family site near Croyde. Walk to the beach, hook up, pub, dog friendly. Usual stuff.

    I've looked at Ruda this might be a bit holiday camp for me, anyone got any other suggestions, happy to be persuaded otherwise.

  2. I've done some research and fancy Lobbfields.
  3. just word of warning, just check Croyde Beach is dog friendly, we stopped in Woolacombe few years ago and went to Croyde for the day and I'm not sure they have a year dog ban.. there is a CAmpsite really close to the beach though,don't wanna put you off, :D oh yes it was Ruda campsite,

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