Show Us Your Whacky Buses

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by madpad, Mar 12, 2013.

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    the little bogey looks nice:)
  2. That little green thing is kinda mad. But I like it.
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    Kushti Bok, probably the best known Kombi in eastern Australia. Comes complete with herb garden & wood burning stove.


    Why, I just don't know :D

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  4. 01-vw-bus-tank-dj.jpg
  5. There are some in the SSVC who'd consider this a 'rolling resto'!

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  6. Love the kushti bok bus:thumbsup:
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  7. I like the bogey. I want one.
    Little miss piggy is awful!
  8. I'd have a go with that. Imagine what it would look like rolling...... Amazing, I'd even keep the moss for effect
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  9. i love the pea!
  10. In case you get peckish while driving, the ultimate "pop" top.

  11. Horrible P&G chemical poison crisps.. evil, evil company. die, die, die.... not worthy of VW :mad:
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  12. i know they're not healthy but didn't think they were that bad?
  13. I love pringles!
  14. It's a long story, but they are that bad, made by Procter & Gamble, one of the worst pharmaceutical company's in the world, they test on animals, support codex alimentarius and use genetically modified ingredients.

    But it's up to you what you buy, and i've gone too far offtopic...

    so to keep it on track, here's a Bus for Nascar..


  15. i dont get the bent does this work? doesnt it just go round in circles? x
  16. Buses that are too short or too long? Funded by Nazis and poisonous baboons, eating our children and putting gum on train seats. Causing bats to get Ebola and keys to snap off in Yale locks in CM and EN postcodes (odd numbered houses only). How very dare you.
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  17. Codex Alimentarius?
    As an Organic Flour miller who conforms to Soil Association and Organic Food Federation standards WTF is wrong with codex?
    Both these standards are based around Codex Alimentarius which is Latin for "Book of Food".
    But I'm not gonna hijack a good thread so that's the end of it.

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