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  1. westfalia spares UK any idea when the westy cupboard trim is coming in? And of course price? though i love my westy , if the price is too dear there are plenty of non replica alternatives!
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  2. I'm hoping! (fingers crossed) that I'll be in a position to get on with it end of year now. I've had to put it back due to the water filler neck and cap repro to be honest. I'm sure it wont work out to expensive.
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  3. all done.jpg

    Moby the day we collected him after his resto job
  4. Here's mine , it was here before but lost pics on photo bucket , image.jpg image.jpg
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  5. [​IMG]

    Amongst good company at the Wickham Folf festival last year. the jaffa one behind us was a 'new purchase' by the young couple, a snip at £18k:eek:


    On a trip to Italy a few years back.
    Not long after this was taken (in the Alps maritimes) we were rounding a left had mountain bend, when a logging truck came a BIT TO CLOSE, I closed my eyes, heard a plop, and felt myself showered in tiny fragment of door mirror glass. How lucky was that! Totally mullered the mirror. So we thought where on earth are we going to get a new mirror in the Mountain region of France, where one NEEDS a mirror. About 5 miles further on we came across an 'abandoned' tin top in a layby, I say abandoned, because the engine was in the back, and the doors were open. Any way we relieved it of its door mirror. and we still have it on Pamps.
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  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Just got my bus back from Robbie Platt. He's based just outside St. Neots and does an awesome job at good prices. Just got to stick the badges back on.
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  7. Here is my Bus Murtle the pics are from when I bought her in Calgary, 1265470_10151543319342127_1729087857_o.jpg 247292_10150189216847127_3191656_n.jpg 249412_10150189217657127_5752289_n.jpg 249442_10150189217087127_4048680_n.jpg 252742_10150189217017127_7497804_n.jpg 254352_10150189217382127_6539704_n.jpg 301355_10150257713187127_5062456_n.jpg 309913_10150257713077127_5676280_n.jpg 981565_10151538754142127_839999844_o.jpg 1265470_10151543319342127_1729087857_o.jpg Canada a road trip to the USA and finally camping here in Germany.
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  9. Mine looks better now....
  10. Here's mine.

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  11. A few of my westy from Slovakia yes not usa.

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  12. Sorry the photos are not what I expected ,anyway this is my Helsinki very complete with only the top bed and the table top not orginal, imported from Slovakia two years ago and as you can see it has had a full resto .
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  13. [​IMG]

    Well it's still a westy. Kind of. Just
  14. This is my 1974 Westy, 2 owners from new 53000 miles on original engine, I have owned it for 2 months, the last Baywindow I owned was 15 years ago it was Devon conversion and I must say the Westfaila is a far superior conversion - I have massive plans for my Westy and can't wait to give it my own touch!

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  15. [​IMG]

    In Dinan, France, summer 2013. Just behind the bus was an old moat which is now a boule court with about 8 games going on.
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  16. Our first was a '74! love them, got any internal pics???:thumbsup:
  17. Thought it was about time I posted a picture of mine considering
  18. image.jpg
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