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  1. Here's one(actually 3 of em) on my wife's back,it's of 'Sammy' one of our pitbulls that passed away 2years back & the cats eyes & nose are for 'Stinker' one of our Siamese cats that passed away 8years back,

    My wife has more tattoos than me :thinking:
  2. Here's my daughter first Tattoo it's tribal treble clef,she got em for her 16th birthday in April.

  3. no tattoo's yet, but got a couple of piercings... here's my wrist 1...

  4. Oh my kids have enough piercings for everybody here!
  5. haha all looking sweet :)
  6. cant cos cant do photos yet but here is a story in defence of tats >i"m nicked and in the cells , i have to be at work soonest , i cannot prove to the coppers who i legally claim 2 be , i ask them to go to comp. go to tatoo screen, have a butchers re the guy i am claiming to be"s tats, specifically the one on(his) my back . they go away , they return , (i"m in cell) they say " ok mate , lets see one on your back " i remove my shirt and show them , they go away , they return and say " ok , your out" yipee !!! i made work thou my defence of said charges that day cost £3000, !!! tat on back ? if anyone else was on police comp. wiv same details ........! (i would have hit the flippin roof , and then some !!!!
  7. I had a consult today for my new one - will be getting it done a month today :)
  8. dog

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    in on friday for a couple of hours :thumbsup:
  9. hailfrank

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    I like the style of that :)
  12. That is very cool
  13. ^^ yeah that :praise:
  14. heres mine had them done over the years as the kids have been born!and the obvious england tats :) havent seen my self from behind lately im getting to be abit of a porker and didnt realise lol
  15. Love it chris,

    My back is well finished just thirty min shading wings, post,

    Back in in my birthday wedn having a skeleton key xx
  17. Hey All,

    Here's my latest mistake... this one changed my mind - they really do hurt...

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  18. getting my new one in a few hours

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