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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

  1. Best part of the country :)
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  2. Just finished loading the rescue bike in case of a breakdown

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  3. Do you strap a rescue skateboard to the rescue bike incase the rescue bike breaks down?

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  4. All set up down at Goodwood circuit for the Retro Rides Weekender! Anyone else camping this weekend? [​IMG]

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  5. Could get messy with Duvel!
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  6. I should do given that it's a 1965 BSA Bantam!
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  7. I do like a Bantam :thumbsup:

    D10 ??

    I`ll be popping along tomorrow for a wander around - i`ll keep my eyes open for a yellow snowsed up Bantam jockey :thumbsup:

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  8. I do like a Belgian Ale....

    Apparently it makes some people feel a little poorly....the next day :rolleyes:
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  9. It's a D7 3 speed. One previous owner who parked it in his shed in 1979 and left it there until earlier this year, I put some petrol in it and it fired 3rd kick! All I've done is clean it up, grease all the bearings, change the oil and sort the brakes. It seems a shame to restore it as it'll never be this original again.
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  10. That mug i
    That mug is "HEEOWWG!"
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  11. I really like TEA! :D
  12. Sweet !!
    You`re doing the right thing by not restoring it - looks a good honest bike :thumbsup:

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  13. I try not to buy too many belgians at once...was a struggle when I went to Brugges last year, had to ration the treasure chest!

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  14. it was very nice but also very strong :oops: I don't mind admitting that i'm a complete shandy pants! :D
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  15. ^^^^ this exactly!!
    I think the ale selection was better suited :D
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  16. :lol: Bad head too?
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  17. That and a distinct lack of sleep :D
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  18. Didn't know you were a cricket fan, Sarah?
  19. Definitely. Watching today’s ODI that I recorded earlier, so don’t tell me who won!! (Although I’ve got a bad feeling about it so far....)
    Watching cricket in the Caribbean is on my bucket list.
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