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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

  1. Has it caught fire yet?
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  2. Dubs

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    Nope. Can coke catch fire? :thinking:
  3. Sun? Scotland? Surely not?

    My favourite Billy Connolly quote: “The natural colour of a Scotsman”
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  4. Sunny Sheffield?[​IMG]
  5. You can just see the steelworks in the background.
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  6. it looks lovely! where are you really?
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  7. i am in Sheffield and its almost that sunny

    The photo was from winter trip to Thailand though.
  8. Genuine one to prove it is Sunny in Sheffield[​IMG]
  9. awww, i thought you'd gone off on another exciting jaunt
    ... not that Sheff isn't exciting :oops:
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  10. I've been on loads of exciting UK jaunts in the bus, camping at least one night for the past 5 weekends
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  11. Excellent! I was thinking more exciting tropical ones, like we were discussing at techenders.
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  12. Yep but they are best taken in the UKs dark horrible months.
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  13. I want to be there...NOW!!!!!!
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  14. definitely! though i may have been looking wistfully at the Caribbean lately :oops:
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  15. Save the Caribbean for between November and the end of March....the dark times!
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  16. Never understood the modern package holiday, well I do, but I don't subscribe. I agree with @paulcalf , travel in winter like the rich did last century to St Tropez etc to find the winter sun away from the frozen North. Then, when it's unbelievably hot in the South, so hot you can't sleep, head North.

    I'll get me coat.
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  17. i bet st.tropez was nicer then. last time i went i hated it - fur coat and no knickers! :D

    i like hot weather, something this country rarely delivers even in the summer
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  18. New Forest! [​IMG]

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  19. You’ve got fab weather for it!
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  20. Getting away with it so far! Although we did get a quick test of my windscreen and sunroof sealing jobs on Friday, it's been great since then! Looking a little grey for the weekend but i really can't complain

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