Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. That red brick monster is the new school they started building after I left ... seven years on from when I arrived and they showed us a model and said we'd be the first 6th form ... Pah! Surprise surprise they unearthed some stuff of historical interest and had to go back to the drawing board .... I'm glad I never set foot in there. It's architectural shi7e!
    Here's the old building on the left of this Thames TV composite:
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  2. Hooray! This represents the success of about 40 plumbing joints ... Feels like we might actually get a fully functioning holiday let now!
    Such a tight fit I had to use 1/2 inch, 15mm copper, 15mm push-fit, 16mm Alu pex UFH pipe and all the relevant adaptors :rolleyes:
    (Kink in flexi now banished :thumbsup:)
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  3. I’d better keep an eye out!
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  4. Is there a reason you haven't gone straight from pipe to flexy??
  5. There is :)
    Had to have a push-fit in there as a last connection as there was no room to finish up with a compression joint ... not with the tools I've got at any rate.
    I had to fit the Flexi and push-fit to the cistern and drop that through.
    The 16/15 compression adaptor went on before fixing the pan to the floor. :thumbsup:
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  6. Only in Waitrose...

    a waitrose potatoes 6s.jpg
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  8. Brewers

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  10. Just quietly rotting away in a Sussex country garden.
    I mean, I always bury my dead cars in the garden... doesn’t everyone?

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    Tonight in londinium

    E2D5A718-D52F-4071-B2BF-4CC270FB60F2.jpeg BE5A9028-D6D3-42F4-8F91-24EBD6EEAC44.jpeg
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    For sure. It takes far more skill to park a few cars like that than a mere man can cope with ;)
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    I never mentioned parking.....
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  14. Machine Mart, I think.
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    I've modified it to reflect true regional dialect
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  18. 8A63CA88-5C82-4EE7-8D18-89EC63A3D170.jpeg Couldn’t resist a ride over to Bath to the mighty Swartz Bros. for a bag of chicken nuggets, last night!
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  19. But they have been reverse parked....
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