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Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by 79pickup, Oct 21, 2015.

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  2. Yes the plate is awesome, what makes it a bit more special is that in 1979 is was purchased from new by a removal company in Liverpool that is still going to this day!

    The giant red button is for the ejecto seat ....... It's a magnet ,was checking what was metal etc
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  3. So managed to get an hour or so on it this evening so just started cutting away all the junk really .

    I want to remove the Y pipe for he heaters which goes over the rear torsion beam, it looks like it was fitted before the beam was , do I have to cut it to pieces to get it off?

  4. Yes you will have to cut it into sections to remove it
    It doesent look as bad as most are in the pics is it holed?
  5. No that's the thing it's not actually that bad I could leave it in but I want to do the floor and bits around it so it's in the way really. I'll go for the sympathetic cuts and see how I get on!
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    I'd be tempted to cut the cross member so it drops out, keep the piece and weld it back in after!
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  7. Im not sure the two ends will pull over the rear torsion tube as there a larger diameter than the section that goes over the tube
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  8. Was literally just writing the same thing paradox, I think it's a bit like a square peg round hole, it will fit but will need a lot of persuasion and by then it will be no good.
  9. I had to remove mine as it was proper rotten thanks to the water absorbing insulating jacket vw wrapped it in
    I tried fitting one of the fiberglass replacements that come in two parts and they dont fit either

    When i get round to it im going to mould one out of silicone with stainless steel inserts that can be fitted after its been sqeezed over the tube

    @Paul Weeding has the old fiberglass one i tried fitting and hes confident he can make one out of a type of fiberglass thats flexible enough to allow it to fit
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  10. So spent some time on shifty today cutting and removing all the rot, I'm getting quite a pile!

    The metal tubes that run the length of the vehicle for the handbreak and clutch/accelerator(correct if I'm wrong) are these metal tubes available to buy new? They are in the way really but would like to know before I cut them off!


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  11. They are just steel tube - nothing special - the usual suspects will charge you 10x what it cost if you found a local supplier.
  12. I did wonder if that was the case, cheers zed:thumbsup:
  13. Yep, it's an imperial size IIRC
  14. And if past behaviour is a guide, they'd probably either coil them up or chop them into 900mm lengths to post. :rolleyes:
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  15. Haha yeah to true!
  16. So managed a few hours on shifty today, decided to replace more sections including the floor. Mainly down to I only want to do it once so just as well do it right first time!


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  17. So with a couple of days off I've managed to put in some work on the old girl. New rear cross member fitted , both rear outriggers and 5 of the 6 floor supports done. Tommorows plan is the front cross member both outriggers and the floor support.Nice to be making a bit of progress been feeling like nothing would ever go back on!

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  18. Front cross member,floor support and out riggers fitted. hopefully get the inner sill fitted tommorow .

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  19. Does anyone know what the large cross member is called in this diagram and if it's available / replaceable?(it's the only thing on the diagram without a number)
    Mines ok but if it was available I would change it.

  20. Also!

    Any idea if the rear arch tubs are the same in the bay and pickup?

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