Seat up or seat down

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, May 16, 2019.

  1. Which one are you ? I’m such a good aimer I leave it down, when I’m having a Frazer obviously :p
  2. Don't you shake it when you've finished?
  3. Of course:thumbsup:
  4. A2BF66E8-0290-4546-867F-6CCB2E63D8C6.jpeg I like this
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  6. Up of course. I’m a gentleman. Then seat AND lid down afterwards :hattip:
  7. PIE


    If you put the seat lid down first it would be funnier
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  8. I’ve heard of people stretching clingfilm over the bowl. Now that’s funny :lol:
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  9. Imagine having a brace :eek:
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  10. I’ve never heard it called that. It’s not exactly rhyming slang :thinking:
  11. What brace and bit:p
  12. Oh right I see. I only know Tom tit :lol:
  13. Tom tit, brace and bit it’s all unbelievable
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  14. Better!
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  15. Don't forget the new one.
    "Do you want a soft or a hard ......"
  16. .... and lid down means no "sharticles" flying through the air and onto nearby surfaces when flushing:thumbsup:
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  17. You can get a wash n scrub whilst sitting now with a blow job , dry I mean dry . Coolio :thumbsup:
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  18. .... you "understand"? or you know? :)
  19. I’ve sat on one
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  20. "That's good enough for me!" :hattip:

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