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  1. Seats needs recovering the passenger seat has had a frame fitted to support the back as the bulkhead was removed from the van. This should be able to removed easily but the hinge points will need some work.

    2E75BC06-AF31-433A-883D-DBEE5C8438B0.jpeg EBB0ECE7-F74E-44F3-B7F1-2CC1770B4F11.jpeg E218F0BA-ED57-48CF-8A45-90AA48AD21E0.jpeg BD8F5F15-BD0E-493D-B646-B7D2FA180AA4.jpeg 65740173-0BC0-4DC7-9CFE-A6F2EEF29ACC.jpeg 6B504105-352F-411B-B3E1-72E796F24816.jpeg
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  2. Yep, i gave up looking for cheap tombstones

    bought some mx5 seats instead, £100 for both, retrimmed with westy cloth, fitted late bay rails to the underside so they slide on and off the late bay runners (no new holes to drill) so i also retained my original westy rotating passenger seat :)

    these sit about 1" lower than stock seats btw. i looked at several options and chose these cos i didn't want to drill any new holes, plus some of the other options people use end up with you sitting higher up which i wanted to avoid. the mx5 seats are way more comfortable that my refurbished og seats, also have heater elements although i've not hooked those up yet.

    by Rob E, on Flickr
  3. They're very Gentleman's Club Matty.
    I'm amazed @davidoft hasn't had your hand off for them.
    They'd go lovely with his smoking jacket and paisley cravat.
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  4. They look great. Was it much to get them retrimmed? Never liked my seats in black.

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    I can get them delivered easy enough, I’ve got some with headrests for te-trim, some without, some nice ones with headrests some Without
  6. I have these also. Mine came out of a Boxster.

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  7. it wasn't cheap, but a super quality job so i was happy to pay. i sold my original westy seats so overall it was cashflow neutral (ish).
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  8. they look good and right at home in the cab
  9. yeah they look sweet and your right most seats sit too high I like them a lot may have to have a look for them mind you the upholstery makes the seat
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  10. middle of the road tatty useable cheap a bit like me I guess
    where you based bud
  11. You may as get some tatty ones, 'cos they'll fade anyway in the Barnsley sunshine.
  12. Have pm’d you
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    check your seat runners, the red are for an earlier van
  14. thas riet thear cock roads r cracking
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  15. cheers for that its a 1973 so don't think they'll fit
  16. ok tatty useable ones without head rests please any pics
  17. Our seats aren’t originals.

    Being over 6ft tall, but having little short legs, means I need as much headroom as I can get. I noticed how the inner wheel arches dip under the original seats and remembered how some seats on old Toyota vans have thin bases that also have a ‘bulge’ for padding underneath.

    I picked a pair up from a local breakers yard for £25 and had them recovered when we had the van interior done. They are great as they have adjustable headrests and the levers to tilt the backs forward and store bits behind against the walkthrough bulkheads.

    The thin bases gave me additional headroom too. I just had to make brackets for the runners and drill/plate the inner arches where the bolts go through.



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  18. cool seats the backs look nice and low may look into them what they from a Hiace ?
  19. I do believe it was an old Hiace van I took them out of.
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