FOR SALE Seat covers professionally upholstered to original VW patterns

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  1. These are from our van so not for sale but can supply in all colours to match your bay or two tone fabrics, fluted panel inserts, mix & match piping, twin/single matching or contrasting stitching. Fitted these myself after re-padding seat frames etc - now they fit like a Harley Street surgeon's glove!

    hope you like 'em



    Prices From £125 per set of four self fit covers for prototype seats -
    2x seat base covers
    1x closed back backrest cover
    1x open back backrest cover

    Prices on request for late bay seats due to different requirements for headrests.
    Edit: For late bay seats with headrests add £30 per headrest.
    PM for more details.

    Thanks for looking.

    This is the beast I use for the interiors.

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  3. Nice work and reasonable prices as well :)
  4. Thank you for that lol.
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  6. Hi John
    As you've prob realised we've been round the houses with seats! Tigger arrived with Rover velour seats. We changed to Saab black leather (SWMBO can't reach clutch, so went original with intention of recovering. In looking around Delilah's, Mad Matz and Newtion Commercial (sorry - we're in East Anglia so didn't come to Lancashire!) Shawn at Newton convinced us to go with a new Suffolk pair. I think by the time we get to the Amalfi Coast we'll be glad we did!! No to dispose of other seats!
  7. Are you sorted now then? To cut your losses get your other seats on e-bay someone will have them... or take them to one of the big shows & charge double what you paid!! :lol:
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    :) Neat work! Should sell like hot cakes!
  9. Yes John - sorted now. Thr originals we got off Ebay went back on, but only ineterest was for one, not the pair. I'll leave few weeks and take along to some shows. They're not in the way so can wait.
    I like your workmanship - looks good. See you at show sometime.
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  10. Thank you - means a lot. I have confidence in the product so hopefully @72wilma is right & they will sell like hot cakes! :thumbsup:
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  12. Hi Sweeny, I've got a 79 crew cab with the original black seats. I'm looking to have new covers for the two fronts ( ones a double and a drivers single and the rear bench seat . Plus I want to do all the panels. Would you be interested?
  13. Yes steve I can do that for you-I sub contract the seat covers but it isn't a problem, they are made by a trade professional so you know the quality is there. What style were you thinking for the interior panels? I would need your exact specification for the seat covers which are self fit so PM me with your spec & I'll get some prices together for you. :)
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    Price for covers for 79 pickup seats in original brOwn basket weave please, passenger seat is a double but it's not here to photo at the mo.

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