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  1. Had a busy old Christmas and have completely stripped the interior from my van in preparation for an interior refit.

    Unfortunately (and I could have bet on this) there is not a single seat belt anchor point in the rear at all (panel van conversion)

    I am fitting two 3-point belts and a single lap belt and figure that I will need 6 mounting points in total - 3 for each of the 3 point belts and I guessed that the middle lap belt will use the same points as I use for the seat belt clasps of the 3 points. Is this correct?

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best locations to get the mounting plates welded on? I am fitting a full width R&R bed.

  2. I haven't done this but factory belts don't share mounting points, the centre lap belt has its own mountings
  3. Hi gb....bit of a contentious issue this one....if you have no anchors whatsoever, then the most obvious choice would be to install them where the stock micro bus fixings went, but this doesn't account for three point inertias in the rear. Depending on which bed frame you intend to use, the rear wheel arches are often used for anchoring the frame....Devon used this strategy so presumably the arches are strong enough. My kombi has mounting plates installed in the mid rail about 8 inches back from the rear seat, but it's a messy job to put new ones in. Lower mounts are pretty straightforward as they usually fit on the rear bulkhead...keep checking back, as quite a few people have been in your situation before, so I'm sure you'll get some nailed on solutions....
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  4. Thanks for that - so I need 8 in total. Cheers.
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  7. Swedish or Australian brackets.....ask @Clive Neilands if he can source any in Denmark, then we can get some made up for UK consumers...
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  9. and dextro-morphinous....(if the rumours are true)
  10. Those brackets are to raise the height of the should strap I am guessing - for kids will it be OK without?
  11. depends on the size of the kids....
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  12. Somebody on here sells the rear extender thingys will see if I can find a link... Think its @davidoft
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  13. Can't add link using tapatalk but it is @davidoft. Have a search for uber rare seat belt brackets
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    They're different than the ones shown up there though^^^^
    They extend the pivot point much higher up the window.
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    They don't actually extend up as far as I thought.
    Why did they make 2 different types?
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    J11582-0_2.jpeg I have seat belts in my panel van we had to weld in these

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