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  1. Advice needed really, heres the basic story, not mentioning any names as it may compromise any forthcoming court case...
    My son bought some really nice trainers, very expensive but rare(is there such a thing?) apparently there is in the world of teenage trainers. He decided to sell for profit on a well known clothing site and was approached by a guy offering the money he wanted. A paypal transaction was duly done and the parcel sent off via special delivery. It was signed for on delivery, now the 'buyer' says he never received it. I notice he is now conveniently selling an identical pair of said trainers, with I presume a fake buying receipt. Paypal have suspended his payment to me, even though it had gone through as I was able to transfer it out of my account. Can they do this?
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    They are a law unto themselves are PayPal. They seem to err on the side of the buyer and quite often the people that do this type of thing use it to their advantage. I once sold a solid gold item that the buyer said they didn’t like, on return they sent a similar item that was gold plated. I did kick up a fuss after PayPal refunded her and they gave me back my money, they also refunded her though
  3. I do have loads of evidence regarding the sale, I screen shot everything from our adverts and all the texts between us, including the guy's new advert with the trainers. In my experience, its physical evidence that should swing it, not just someone claiming they didn't get the item. I even re-iterated on our text conversations someone would be there to sign for it, along with questioning the address. If Paypal side with the buyer, I will issue a summons to get my money back
  4. They normally freeze funds until all evidence is in you should be good once they've looked into it and will release said funds back:thumbsup:
  5. ^this. Frozen funds doesn’t mean you won’t get it back after investigation.
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  6. This. My friend received a payment of £10,000 last year. she had no idea but as it had come via a paypal transaction she contacted them. Apparently they couldn't find out why or who either. then the suspended he account and refunded ALL the payapl payments she'd made in the last two plus years; including to private sellers, supermarkets etc. totally another good few thousand pounds (8, i think). She was only contacted by a few ebay sellers who had noticed this withdrawal of their payments and so apologised and paid them back but in the main the rest of the refunds have not been challenged. Her paypal account was reinstated and no explanation of what was going on and still none the wiser about the original 10k or the two years of transactions .... but her 'savings' got a considerable boost!
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  7. Does that mean he must have funds, should we get the payment back? I suspect when they complete the transaction, his account will have mysteriously disappeared.
  8. Are you saying Paypal stopped you withdrawing his payment to you?
  9. Contact paypal send them a copy of his advertisment reselling the trainers

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  10. Paypal definitely are a law unto themselves. I recently bought a lightning to SD card reader, and it didn’t work. It was only £6.46, but it’s a matter of principal. I contacted the seller, and after a couple of emails, they said it didn’t work above IOS 10.1. There was no mention of that in the add. They said they know they should give me a full refund, but as I would have to pay return postage, and they had paid delivery, they offered me £2, and I could keep it. I refused, so they offered £3. I again refused, and they stopped responding to my emails. So I contacted them through Paypal, and eventually escalated it to a claim. Meantime, they changed the description on eBay to say it only worked up to IOS 9 is something in the region. Paypal eventually decided in their favour, and advised me to continue talking to the supplier. I did, and they didn’t respond. I assume they are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Nothing to do with the original post, but I needed to get that off my chest. I’m really annoyed with Paypal, but nothing I can do. I suppose I could tell them that I won’t use their services again. I’m sure that will have them quaking. Barsteward :mad:
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  11. No, the payment went through and I was able to transfer it into my personal account, The paypal account now shows a minus figure. I have escalated to a claim, and I am assuming they will ask me for more info, when I will send them everything I have. All this depends on whether this is dealt with by a real person and not a 'virtual'one of course.
  12. Do that. Should be settled eventually, but may take a while. Paypal are what they are, but they probably have thousands of disputes to settle. They usually get there in the end.
  13. Happened to me quite a few times. eBayers can be so dodgy nowadays.
    As I had proof of a tracked delivery company, Paypal ruled in my favour all 3 times. Is rather stressful though, but give them every bit of information and all shall be good.
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    cant you just get a mate to buy them off him and conveniently say he didn,t recieve them
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  15. I should have seen this earlier you say that you sent them special delivery and signed for ARE PAYPAL AWARE OF THIS really this guy hasn't a leg to stand on and paypal should favour you not him
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  16. I don't think he has a leg to stand on, I suspect he's got away with it a few times already. I could always do to him what he has just done to me..... But that's just wrong I may insist on collection, I wonder if he'd turn up?
  17. my advise is buy from a shop not ebay as its a minefield of scammers selling and buying things , paypal is Marmite too and don't refund if they don't have too as I found out to my cost from a supposed fellow vw camper owner sellin stuff on ebay
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    eBay own PayPal.
    I only sell stuff cash on collection now. Too many scammers
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  19. Those seats you sold me never turned up.....:oops:
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  20. I had my email and then PayPal account hacked 2k plus removed with more pending .. PayPal were excellent and sorted it all out .. I have never sent anything signed for and never had one issue out of 300 ... I guess luck has a fair amount to do with it !!

    Give them a call ..
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