Rubber seal for dashpod

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Me too. The doc said it was prostate. It's me age...
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  2. Goods news. The parcel arrived from Germany while I was out this afternoon. I'll get all orders out tomorrow - I'll let you know when they've gone.
  3. You should start "Mark's Rubber Emporium"...
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  4. What? Another one? Why would I need two?
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  5. All posted 1st Class today. Hopefully with you all tomorrow - snail mail permitting.
  6. Received this morning. Many thanks.
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  7. And mine has, thanks!

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  8. And mine. Thank you!
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  9. Ditto....thanks for doing the group buy.
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  10. Got mine - many thanks for all your efforts !!
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  11. I’m on my way from Lyon to the delivery address. Langres last night, Neufchateau in Belgium right now, on the ferry tomorrow night from Zeebrugge to Hull. Then a couple of easy days up to just North of Aberdeen. So far I haven’t seen a Bay, but I’m not half way yet.
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  12. Is it a brown jiffy bag? Think mine has arrived, best find out if I already have a rubber seal on my dashpod I suppose!!

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  13. Feeling left out now. :(
  14. Yup that's the one :)
  15. Maybe your postman's on strike early?
  16. The Royal Mail is crazy round here. They turn up when they feel like it.
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  17. I wish mine would hurry up. I've got water gushing out from behind the instrument pod. I've had to put towels on the floor...
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  19. Right, it’s here. Much appreciated Mark :thumbsup:
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