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  1. G'day all from Queensland Australia. Iam onto my 10th vw having owned a 56 & 67 split both powered by a datsun L18 motor 5 beetles 2 baja's again powerd by datsun motor used the same adapter each time so really got monies worth for free kit 1 type 3 square back. My daughter boughther husband a 74
    9 seater bay as a surprise christmas present. to restore pics to follow as I learn the site. She bought me a 76 bay van with the rear guards cut out to suit offroad tyres no motor or transmission which was perfect for my needs. today I measured & cut a hole ine the floor behind the front seats to take a rover v8 bolted to a 5speed toyota hiace gearbox & the divorced transfer case out of a 720 nissan 4x4 I hope to have enough room to fit transfer case taking measurements this weekend along with a holden commodore diff centre out of IRS type
    I hope to have it finished by xmas. in2wd I have a set of front spindles being reamed out to fit to front end as an experiment to see if I can replicate the t2 syncro type drive& steering. the steering looks pretty simple using 2 centre pins either side of the diff & a connector draglink between both side tierods. thanks to the holy bayle story it gave betterpics than what I have had to use as a reference point. Can i get instructions in plain english on how to load pics to site
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  2. Brilliant. I can think of at least one member who'll be following this and dribbling. :)
  3. Welcome to the late bay ernie this sure sounds like an interesting build
  4. Terrordales

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    Hello & Welcome from The Colonial Contingent. :)

    I'm also in downundaland but a bit further south than you.
  5. Welcome aboard Ernie!
  6. If you cant post em then send em and one of us will do it. Interesting project!
  7. G'day Dicky. What address for pics still trying to work out phbucket.
  8. G'day Terrordales. Where are you located.
  9. Terrordales

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    roverbay We are on the south coast of N.S.W. :)
  10. Welcome aboard the good ship TLB, photo bucket is great for pics & I for one can't wait to see em :thumbsup:
  11. welcome...i didnt understand most if what you just wrote but... g'day... :D enjoy tlb xxx
  12. If he gets that V8 fired up he could be called Ernie and he drove the Volkswagen in the west,
    ps welcome,
  13. G'day Steve. you left out fastest. Have you fellas had a look on you tube the rover powered bay doing the burnout it's Aussie. have photobucket on now just need to get from mine to site.

    G'day Tiny-pie to put into easier to under stand terms Iam attempting to convert a bay to 4x4 with a mid mounted rover v8 adapted to alloy case 5 speed toyota hiace gearbox then backed up by a nissan 720 transfercase that has a small tailshaft to mount behind existing box not bolted directly to box . thats why I only cut floor big enough to sit the engine in to place. now to measure up room for rest of trans etc.Iam using irs differential centres out of our holden vt v6 commodore Have good day all.
  14. Realised after I posted it I was so excited that I could make conversation with someone round the other side of the world,
  15. G'day Steve & fellow dubber's. No worries. I have run into bit of a snag with available room for transfer case I may have to drop complete drive train down 2 inches now problem will just have to cut sump to clear front tailshaft & cut the centre section out of torsion bar tube. Can someone tell me how far bars go into the cast section. If I have to will cut the centre out similar to the jeg in the holy bayle pics If that's not enough I will remove bars & run coilover shocks. I plan on setting complete set up in after easter break to get final measurements for bolt in cradle to support it all this will be bolted inside the bay chassis rails. I cant seem to get pics to load can I get an email address to send them to doesn't seem to exist.It comes up red.Take care have fun enjoy your kombi's
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    Have you checked the thread on posting photos via Photobucket? If you keep having problems PM me or check my profile page, my email addy should be there.
  17. G'day all. another attempt at pics 043.jpg 085.jpg
  18. Bugger Iam at aloss as to why I have 3 pics the same. PS bugger is not what you think in oz it's not rude
  19. G'day again. can someone pm me an email address to send pics thru to as I have been trying to get full size & not happening ta

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