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  1. Anyone know what the difference is between a 75 and a 79 bay roof.
    I was thinking of fitting a pop roof as advertised on E-Bay but their advert states they are suitable for 67 to 75 bays. Phoned them up but they said they would try and find out.

    Thanks for looking.
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    So fitting a poptop to an original uncut steel roof, and they are saying that the original roofs changed in 75?
  3. Is this more about whether its a Westy Front hinged style pre 73 or a rear hinged style post 73.
    Both are based on a stock sunroof cutout preserving the B and C arches in the roof.

    As opposed to the Oi Be Pirate Devon using a canopener and making a Big Hole through Whatever to Suit.
  4. I think i've got it !

    In a world of VW anoraks I should be thinking originality not technicality.
  5. I'll have you know Mike my devon roof is reinforced with best quality chipboard :confused:
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