Roof repair advice please

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  1. Viking roof hinges have rotted out the RHS of the roof.

    I have cut minimal metal out and fixed new beams and now are about to fix in the roof repair section.

    What I would like to know is what is the best way to go about it.

    IMG_1695.JPG IMG_1696.JPG

    My plan was to fit to the rear roof and then spot weld the edge / lip to the beam first. Then fix the roof repair to roof and use tack welds - bit by bit cooling welds with a wet cloth.

    I was also going to cut up a roof repair panel and spot weld it to the roof repair giving a double skin 3 times the area of the hinge to wash out the stress and make the hinge fitting more robust. The Viking hinges pop rivet through the roof via an ally spacer into the roof beams.
  2. nice job your doing keep it up :hattip:
  3. We had roof off on ours when it was sprayed. Not gone down same way since. I believe that the slightest movement off where it should be can cause problems. So test it and take time when fixing into place
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  4. Thanks I have measured lots of vans and lost the right hand locations due to rust and the fact that the rear inner and outer RHS panel were not connected. I am setting the roof straight - ie from the rear roof to the B post although there is a 3mm deviation around the C post on the LHS. There are a few vans around me in Bristol and I might check those first - also the nice folks at V DUB RESTO have let me check out vans too.

    Should the roof gutter be almost dead straight or a slight curve?

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