rock n roll hinges

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by fletch, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. hi does any 1 have any decent instruction on rnr hinges jk 1s are crap
  2. ive only got the jk ones they are a bit hard to get your head round at first
    heres a couple of pics that might help you work things out :)
  3. I am going to help fletch build this one day I ve taken Some measurements off my westie r n r bed

    R n r bed
    Westie style

    Seat base 1340 x 509 x1
    Seat back 1340 x 440 x1
    Base front 1550 x 340 x1
    Bottom 1330 x 320 x1
    Shaped bits 380 x 290 x2

    <100>| | < 100>
    <. 1550. >

    All 18 mm ply
  4. What size did did you make your seat back and and base and how high is your base board
  5. i will take some mesurements for you when i get chance i cant remember off the top of my head here,s another pic when i was halfway through it

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