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  1. IMG_2962.JPG IMG_2961.JPG IMG_2948.JPG IMG_2966.JPG IMG_2954.JPG IMG_2950.JPG IMG_2951.JPG Hello All,

    EBAY -

    So, still no response..... anyone wanting to make an offer or should i risk the hell of ebay??!?!


    really do need to get our poor van moved, any offers, advice - ebay? PLEASE!! - Thanks,

    Open to discussion (advice!) on price!

    Sad, but our poor Daisy has been parked up off road all Summer, with little sign of me being able too or having the time to sort.

    We have had for around 6 - 7 years and apart from the usual little issues, have never let us down, but MOT in 2017 found some "issues" - welding - have got close to finding someone to help, but not a location and so before another Winter takes its toll, its time to see if someone else can give her her next lease of life!

    pictures hopefully give a feel for issues

    £4k would be great, £4.5k ? ?????????

    over to you guys - oh, looking to replace with 70`s Beetle, swap?
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  2. If I were in your boat I would try and get some of the "issues" sorted and then try to command a better price. I think most would walk away just seeing the sill like that. Doesn't need to be pretty, but more solid would help

    eBay may be worth a go, low start price and a realistic reserve.

    My van was about the price your asking for with welding done, no interior, fresh coat of paint and no mechanical overhaul but MOTd, 7 years ago. Mine was formerly a factory microbus so had original windows etc. which may be more desirable.

    I would walk away from your bus at £4k if i'm honest.
  3. Makes me feel happier about the condition of mine! I've seen them go for that on ebay but think it's very much a 'right person, right time scenario'.

    Prices have definitely increased in the last 7 years. Agree with Andy, get as much done as you can, mot if possible and it'll sell far quicker and for far more.

    Shame you're so far away or I may have tried to con the mrs we 'need' another van and it's a sure-fire investment! :)
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  4. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    They really haven’t.
    Although prices might still be a bit higher than 7 years ago; they have dropped off a cliff in the last 2. At the moment, they’re only heading in 1 direction.
    IMHO a bus as an investment has rarely been a worse idea!
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  5. many Thanks for help and advice as ever!
  6. ebay with a start of 3k no reserve would be my suggestion
  7. I think you have to be realistic and looking at your photos, the van is now clearly a project. I would put it on ebay with no reserve and get what you can. You have had your fun with it and kept it going until the crunch came at 2017 mot time.

    You could put a reserve on your ebay auction but if it doesn't sell, you will have to spend more time and effort relisting it when all you want is to move it on right now.
  8. davidoft

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    To high :eek:
  9. davidoft

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    Looking at the extent of the corrosion I would have said under £2k is more realistic unfortunately, eBay £1 start, and see where it goes , have you got any more pictures?
  10. I would walk away, there are lots available better than that.
    Its probably worth more as spares
  11. Cheers Guys, will be placing on ebay later, which is what i thought would be result!

    will advise of auction details!
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  12. Good luck!

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