Replacing window winder mechanism

Discussion in 'How To' started by Chrispowell, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, hope you can help!

    I’ve got a replacement mechanism for the broken one in my van. I’ve gone about attempting to fit it, and although I have unbolted the old one, I cannot get it out of the door cavity! I probably could if I bent it etc, but obviously then that won’t help me in getting the new mechanism in!

    I’ve searched youtube & google for the answer, but haven’t found anything. Hopefully that’s because it’s really dead simple and I’m missing something obvious!!

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Is this a wind up? :D
    (I thought you might appreciate getting the TLB factor out of the way nice and early)
  3. If I remember rightly you have to take the window out and take it out through the top
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    If you've bought a repro, save yourself doing it again after 2 uses, and find yourself an original before re-fitting....
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  6. I haven’t yet, as I wasn’t 100% sure I needed to. I assume by your comment, that I do need to? Prsumably the mechanism then comes out of the window aperture?

    Thank you
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    Yes, you need to remove the 1/4 light, as the lower part of the frame traps the winder mechanism in the door. The mech then comes out of the hole in the lower part of the door with a bit manipulation. :thumbsup:
  8. Once the quarter light is unbolted it can tilted enough to pull the winder mechanism free out of the door aperture. Be careful not to scratch the door glass.
    As already said the repro ones are marmite, I managed to get a genuine one from Schofields.
    Whilst you have the door card and membrane removed use the opportunity to get inside of the door waxoiled. Surprising how much water travels through these doors.
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  9. Thank you. Is there any particular waxoil you would recommend?
  10. Great, thank you. So just to be clear, the mechanism comes down, out of the hole in the door. Not out of the bottom of the window?

    Does the main window glass need to come out too?

    How easy is the 1/4 glass to get back in? Am I likely to need replacement pins etc? Apologies for all the questions!
  11. I have just rebuilt two doors , Sure you can do it without taking windows out ???
  12. The mechanism comes out of the hole that’s normally covered by the door card, not through the slot where the window scrapers are. No need to take the main window glass out, just lower it gently to the bottom of the door whilst removing the mechanism. As said before just be careful not to scratch the glass as it’s easily done.
    Didn’t have any problem getting the quarter light back into position as only tilted enough to get mechanism out/in. Below photo (found on inter web) shows how much the quarter light has to be moved.
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  13. I use either Dynax or Dinitrol products
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