Replacing sliding door card

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  1. I need to replace my sliding door card as it's cracked badly.

    I've bought one but now need to know how to remove the card, refit it, and if I need any new clips.

    Any advice?

  2. If you're replacing then remove the handle and lever off. should have plastic clips on the inside that fit into black rubber bungs which in turn sit in the drilled holes in the door. your replacement door card should come with the clips already "embedded" in it - you will probably need to pick up some door bungs - in theory it should just pop straight on - in reality my sliding door card bowed and rubbed the bodywork when the door was open so I added some dome headed self tappers with cups that pulled it in where necessary.
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    This is what's on mine. I think it's an original clip as fitted by Westfalia and I don't have internal bungs. They're easy to prise off with a screwdriver.
  4. That looks like what I can see from the outside. So do those go straight into the door?
  5. Yes - go and have a go and pull one out. Dead easy.
  6. I guess I've had my panel off at least 5 times and reused them. Good find though at Megabug
  7. That'll do me. Cheers mate.
  8. Hi all. I'd appreciate some advice to help me choose between the plastic type of clips shown above and the standard metal clips. I've just fixed my internal handle and on trying to refit the sliding door panel back, I've managed to break a few of the metal style clips...right bugger of a job! So are the plastic clips easier/ more robust or should I stick with the metal clips. These are going into the door panel directly without any rubber bung which I understand to only be required on the cab doors.
    As usual thanks in advance.
  9. I'd imagine if you're using the metal clips, you'd need the bungs as well.
  10. Thanks Snotty
    The current set up has no bungs and I've read here somewhere that the bungs are for the cab doors I'm confused...very easily done these days!
  11. From memory, here are two sizes of clips and bungs, 6mm and 8mm, according to what size holes you've got.
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  12. I’m pretty sure it’s only the cab doors that have the bungs
    They are there to prevent water tracking along the clips and making the door card go soggy

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  13. Never knew that, every days a school day.
  14. You may well be right!
  15. The metal clips are used when the holes in the door card are offset and bigger than the holes in the metalwork. They are used because when you cover the card you dont need to see the fasteners.
    The cards for the rear I bought were all of the offset hole/metal clip style.
    Like an idiot and because after 20 owners there are a lot of extra holes, I drilled for the plastic clips. They keep getting pushed out by the foam in the vinyl/ foam covering and they are a git to line up with the holes in the metal.
    So the clips get crushed and mangled and look bad.
    Next time it will be metal clips into rubber bungs in the back that just pop in and grip . I have learned.

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