Repacking type 4 heat exchangers

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  1. Rather than hijacking the other thread any more, thought I'd better start my own.
    I've taken the outer casing off and removed the asbestos lining. Some say put it back together without insulation but surely this will adversely affect how hot the air pumped to the cab is? Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions as to what material to use and do I need to sandwich it between two layers of mesh?
  2. Fibreglass matting?
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  4. My concern there is the fibres blowing through.
  5. The contents of mine have disintegrated so I'm starting from scratch. Just need to find the right material that won't shed fibres which would end up being blown into the cab.
  6. I meant mat sort of like a fire blanket, not loft insulation ;)

    VW did use woven mat for the wrap-around insulation on the heater pipes eg the "gay underpants" around the Y-tube.
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  7. I have those heat exchangers^; I removed the insulation and disposed of it in case it was asbestos and the skins will probably go in the bin too, I was going to reskin them with the outers from my pattern heat exchangers but the flanges need to be replaced and I haven’t got around to it yet.

    One of my existing heat exchangers has no insulation whatsoever, the other has something encapsulated between two thin aluminium sheets and when I reskin the originals I replicate that. Something like this between the aluminium with the edges folded over.
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  8. Just pack it with blue asbestos and have done with it :thumbsup:
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  9. Just the job - thank you.
  10. I'll reserve that for the underpants! :D
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  11. :D
    These ones?

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  12. PS They’d be enough insulation there^ to do half a dozen heat exchangers.
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  13. ooh there's an idea... i dare not remove them in case the whole lot falls apart! could be the only thing holding the bus together :eek:
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  14. You buy the insulation and I’ll buy off you what you don’t need. :) I’ll be back in the UK in May, if there’s anything left of the UK to go back to by then. And I might need a visa to get home.
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  15. It's a deal :)
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  16. if i'm brave enough to take mine apart i'll buy some off you too :)
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  17. You knew exactly what I meant!

    I used mine as a pattern to have something run up in black vinyl :thumbsup:
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  18. Do it! We’re not judging.
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  19. A la Alan Partridge! :eek:
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  20. for you or the bus?

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