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  1. We have earmarked two weeks to go to Germany and do the Romantic Road for the first two weeks in July . We live in Newbury so Portsmouth is a easy one hour to the Port - that'll mean a lomg haul across France which isn't an issue but would like recommendations for a couple of stop overs or should we punt for Dover the same - and any advice really!
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  3. All sorted - we leave 8th July. 130 miles to Dover , 487 miles to our start point in Germany. We'll let you know how it goes and get some pics :0)
  4. Enjoy your trip we done it last year on our way back from lake Garda we came back up through Austria then the fern pass into Germany and started at Fussen where the Van Ludwig castles are, if you visit the castles make sure you get there early as the queue s can be very long your best bet would be to book them up on line, the earlier you get there the earlier you can visit the castle as you are given a time slot and if you miss it no second chance,
    We used a book caled the Bord atlas to find our camp sites in Germany written in German but pictures are the same in any language, plenty of places to stop along the way,
    At Fussen we stopped in a caravan centre car park witch is kitted out for overnight stops only a few euros and 100 metres from a lidl aldi and a bakery,
    As before have a great trip and make sure you spend at Rottenberg ob der tauter lovely place but full off tourists,
  5. Thanks Steve - good useful tips! Rottenberg is already one of must do's .

    One question - German isn't one of my strong languages to put in mildly - I'll do my best though - is there much use of English over there?
  6. You'll have no problems - many Germans speak English
  7. We got on ok as Paley says a lot of them speak English and at the castles they have a English speaking trip which can book, the guide enlist was better than mine,

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