Recommended Welders in derbyshire

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by John Hill, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Hi peeps,

    Just wondering if anyone has any welder contacts in the Derbyshire area, mainly for MOT work but depending on the quality also replacement body work etc.

    I'm in Ashbourne, so the closer the better

    Any help would be good.


  2. It's with Absolute VW atm having the engine fitted. It wanted to shop around a bit before making a decision on the welding work.
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  3. Hi there John it's Ewan ...What have absolute Vw said needs welding . There is a new company just started in business doing work and project's on classic motors near Sturston road garage next to the plumb centre .
    I think the guy that works there used to work for Ben Barker ....seen his work it's all right :thumbsup:.Sorry i have not been in touch earlier , only just seen your thread .
  4. Hi Ewan,

    Cheers for the reply and sorry for the delay!

    Just a few spots on the chassis where the bumper mounts are and the jack beams need plating from what I remember.

    I did actually go up there and have a chat, got the impression my 75 wasn't classic enough for him but I'll take it up when I get it back if I don't use Absolute!

    The new engine is looking an sounding mint though, just needs installing now!

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