Rear end rebuild

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  1. Just want some clarity on the correct order of which the rear end goes back together..

    I have D pillar Lower sections to do.. Inner valance and outer..

    Can the inner valance be done with D pillar in place?

    Any advice welcomed

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  2. davidoft

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    Can’t very easily , the inner rear valance goes between the chassis legs , it’s possible to sort of get it in from underneath but lots of cutting to do it
  3. As above the first thing you want in is the inner valance really. Followed by d pillar repairs, then corners, battery trays and engine skirts. Last piece in is the outer valance and possibly engine lid hinge panel if you replaced that.

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  5. With the inner valance in. . And the external skin in place for the rear corners can you access everything to weld in the lower d pillar replacement sections.. .

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  6. Not really nope. You won't be able to weld this surface of the d pillar:

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  7. James am I missing something here.. Could I not weld in the most aft piece from the engine bay side..
    Both advice is conflicting. Either the d pillar goes in first or the inner valance. ..
    P. S trying not to sound a dick here lol

    Appreciate the responses
  8. davidoft

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    inner valance first, d pillars next, rear corners then outer rear valance
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  9. Below is what I have. But for both sides..

    I've extended the repair sections too by 30mm

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  10. OK dude. . Shall I cut my rear corners off in that area to aid in the d pillar repairs etc
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  13. davidoft

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    yes , I have a corner repair if you need one and a d pillar :D
  14. What d pillar.. My corner skins are solid
  15. Any pictures of your van from the rear? The pictures you've uploaded look like you've chopped the rear corners off already?
    Did you manage to cut the rusty d pillar off with the corner still on then?
  16. davidoft

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    your inner valance needs replacement but corners and d pillars are good ?
  17. Sorry. Lol..

    I need a left pillar. Skins are good. Inner and outer valance are gone.

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