Rear Brake cable replacement?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by rustic loaf, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Hi folks.

    My offside rear cable is badly worn and I can't find a replacement.
    Any one know where I can locate the hose/cable highlighted by the arrow in the picture?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. davidoft

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    It’s a hand brake cable, they are always worn in that location, what issues are you having ?
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  3. yeah so the protective outer comes with a new cable?
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  4. Yes, as I recall. Otherwise any bit of rubber hose should do.
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  5. Think mine came from Schofields and had the protective cover in place .
    As @snotty says , it`s not worth replacing the whole cable for a worn rubber , just slip something similar to stop the outer casing of the cable rubbing through on the spring plate. If the cable is trolley-ed then it`ll need replacing , otherwise make the best of what you`ve got would be my tuppence worth ....

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  6. Mind you, the moment you bend it and feel a crackling feeling, you will be glad you had a spare new cable right there.
    Mine were very crunchy but worked, even when on my first ever VW T2 brown trousers moment discovering how little brakes a VW has when it has sat around for a year or two at the top of a hill in Tonbrige Wells and the A22 is coming up fast at the bottom of the hill. Haul on hand brake stand on pedal, sort of stop.
    What was that crash from the back ! Just the front bunk bed tubes smashing around under the rear seat...
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  7. Yeah, now I know it comes with a new cable i'll order with JK as i get insurance discount.
    Been tidying it all up for the new rims

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