Really sorry.....MOT exempt question!

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  1. ive had a search, and can't see my answer!
    My van was registered July 1st 1979.

    On the government website, it says '.... If it's over 40 years old...' And it also says ' if built or registered before January 1st 1978....'

    Now, what I want to know is does Nobby become tax and MOT exempt from July 1st this year? It's not clear, or I'm doing a 'man look' on the gov. Site.

    The last five MOT's haven't been a problem, with no advisories and glowing praise from the tester, so I know it's roadworthyness is good! I still might get it tested annually anyway, but I just want to know.....I've had well over twenty different aircooled VW's over my lifetime, and haven't had a tax exempt one yet!!
  2. no next year
  3. It is 40 years from the build year but starts on the April of the 41st year - but it is possible that your bus was built in 1978 so you need the proof from VW which can take some time. A bus with a 79 build date will become tax and MOT free in April 2020 whereas a 78 is tax /MOT free this April
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  4. as i said as is my fiesta 1978 but i have to wait till april
  5. Ah, that's a bit clearer, thanks!
    It's definately a 1979 build as the serial number starts '239'....
  6. But is it?
    Didn't VW build year run mid year to mid year?
    Technically it could have been built in the latter half of 1978.
    The birth cert is the only way to have this verified and I think I saw the other day that the service has been reinstated.
    May be wrong but I s having a quick look coz our Chip is also a 239 chassis.
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  7. Oh, ya bugger! That's muddied the waters up a bit again!
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  8. Tax exempt is different from MOT exempt. Tax exemption comes into effect the April following its 40th birthday (from build date). MOT exemption happens on 40th anniversary of it being registered in the UK - or build date if imported and can be confirmed.
  9. Go to the post office when it's due they should sort it for you.
  10. That's what I'm working to. Production date was 8/2/79, so it doesn't need testing any more (present MOT runs out in June), but it will need taxing up to 31/3/20.
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  11. My local post office had no idea I had to show them on my phone from the government web site when I did mine :rolleyes:
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  12. Ah.... so July 1st it’s MOT exempt, but I have to wait till next April for the tax to stop?
    Is it still £60 to find out production date?
  13. You can only claim mot exempt if the vans.

    Registered as historic (Tax exempt)
    The vehicle is Not substantially modified
  14. what's substantially modified ;)
  15. [​IMG]
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  17. Not how I read it. MOT exemption comes in on the vehicle’s 40th birthday, which is earlier than historic vehicle status.

    I do have to restore my suspension to stock though.
  18. the link it's titled as being for historic and the last bit tells you how to register it as historic

    To be honest it's a mess with different bits of their website saying different things
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  19. The modufication can of worms... if the average MOT tester fails to spot you are using LED bulbs in stock light fittings for instance( type approval) , a balanced suspension sagginess (lowering), alloy wheels (not stock)... then I think you can get away with a lot and still be seen as historic.

    Added to that the list of modifications that were regularly done to stock buses before 1989 (10 years after production ended) are also seen as part of the historical vehicle.

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