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  1. I seem to have a problem with them.

    To be honest they wouldn't bother me if they stayed out my shed where I currently have a part restored van and other stuff. I have tried blocking holes etc they just make new ones. I have caught 5 in the last few weeks and next doors cat has got hold of 3.

    They seem to be getting smaller, are they running out :)

    Any long term solutions ??
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  2. Get a couple of cats and keep them in the shed with a litter tray
  3. The only way to stop them getting through holes (I've heard) is to mix glass shards into concrete - they will chew through anything else (inc just concrete) - and they can get through the tiniest of holes.

    We had a problem at work, and the pest control chap said usually if you see one, there is probably 3 or 4 families in the vicinity. Lots of baited boxes left aournd sorted the problem out.
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  4. Get a ferret or a terrier
  5. Ive got 2 goldfish and 2 kids thats enough live stock :)
  6. Goldfish are great, how well they'd stand up to a fist fight with a rat is debateable. The kids on the other hand :thinking: maybe starve them for a few days then throw them in the shed :D
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  7. i hate them , short nosed longtailed fury monsters , wire wool stuffed into holes they will not eat throught it , told by local rat catcher council approved
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  8. I am no great fan I can assure you, its getting a bit tiresome getting them out the trap, its a commercial one so its like a bear trap, its hard work :)
  9. Any Kevin the gerbils ?
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    6 pack of cheese and onion Mcoys laying about done the trick for me..

    came in one morning to find the lot had disappeared.. didn't think much of it till a few days later when I was clearing out a corner of the workhop, and found the remains of said snacks, with a very bloated, very dead rat, laying on his back in the middle them. Fat **** must of gorged himself to death. :lol:
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  12. Do value ones work as well as I am a bit tight :)
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  13. We have to scrap our old shed as it got eaten by the rats - floor and wall corners were destroyed despite wire mesh and concrete - it lasted 20 years though.
    New one now in place so hope it lasts 20 years as it will see me out.
    Our local rat catcher's van has the slogan -

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  15. Dubs

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    Probably better to be honest. :thumbsup:
  16. DFEC9E93-CA97-4E2F-8F85-6CB08ACD9EA1.jpeg
  17. Second vote for wire wool ...
    Soffit mesh a good one as well. Staple/fix a six inch strip all round where the walls meet the floor.
    If possible avoid dark/covered "runs" around the edge as well :thumbsup:
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  18. I had some moles in the garden the other day. Just poured a little petrol down the holes and haven't seen them since. Do rats like petrol?
  19. Remove the food source and then usually they disappear not so easy if that's down to the neighbours. i.e. bird feeders etc.
  20. :eek:

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