Rat vans and Hoodride

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  1. Rat vans, in rust we trust.
    Anyone on here got one, or are they all nearly ‘tidy, shiney’ ones?
    If so, let’s see em!
    I quite like them...
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  2. I quite like em too, but I think the scene has evolved in recent years to worship original patina/survivor/story vehicles rather than forced/ratted on purpose type vehicles. I think buses are a bit pricey these days for the make-do-and-rat-it attitude. Saying that, I hope people here can share some with us :thumbsup:
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  3. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I wouldn’t say mine is rat look, just not very shiny.

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  4. i love original vans, unrestored, showing all of their age related marks and patina, years of love, use, faded paint, bumps and scrapes etc. If i didn't have my "shiny" bus i'd search out something like this - also means you're probably a bit less precious about using it properly?

    Not a fan of fake patina/ deliberately rubbed-through paint work, or vehicle deliberately stripped of paint and allowed to go rusty.
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  5. This!

    They only wear original paint once, and takes 30+ years of the right climate to achieve. UK buses don't stand a chance! I bought a 'shiney' bus because it appeared to be solid underneath, but I identify more with a well aged OG paint bus....dropped and tuned. Mmm.
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  6. I have a mate with a splitty, looked bloody lovely about 6 years ago. Then he did the whole deliberately rubbed through paint thing. Just looks like it part way through a paint job now.
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  7. Agree with most... fauxtina is a no, genuine patina ftw.

    There's a T4 near us rocking some sort of rubbed through paint job... that is a travesty!

    Genuine Patina pics please!! :)
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  8. [​IMG]

    I got foster huntington book "van life" for christmas last year, lots of nice busses in there ^ love this bus that belongs to a guy who lives in it full time, no mods other than a woodburner on the passenger seat base, home made ducting to put the chimney out of a window. Original paint, lots of patina, does lots of miles..
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  9. Screenshot_20190417-182354_WhatsApp.jpg
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  10. 20B88A88-E511-4723-A457-50B955A68AB1.jpeg D0A8DEFD-61D3-4007-AB36-3F0C8ECF4441.jpeg 5DBA2E33-9D36-424C-B058-3E51ED2F9AE6.jpeg Mines ‘weathered’.
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  11. Lol. It’s litteraly an extension of the shed. No pics, but I can tell you there’s 2 1930’s gentlemen’s club chairs in there, 2 scalextrix, various old records and a load of other junk! Plans this year, are to empty it, get it on the road and maybe sell it, as I simply don’t use it!
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  12. My old girl

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  13. PIE


    I think it suits earlies and splits I like me lates shiney!!
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  14. Today’s lates is tommorows earlies...
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  15. PIE


    Its just the look of them, I have had patina splits and earlies, I like my late shiney, I also have a shiny split as well at the moment.
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  16. Far from loved they just look uncared for to me, especially if it's deliberately done but no doubt now there is no MoT there will be more wrecks on the road. This was mine before I spent three years cutting the ‘patina’ out of it.
    P1010284 (Medium).JPG
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  17. Incidentally, I had to Google ‘Hoodride’
  18. I'm not a fan of rust, just patina

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