FOR SALE Rare 1959 beetle 1200 57k only 2 owners

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  1. Very rare in this condition and it's in timewarp condition.

    It's obviously had some paint over the years and there is the odd very small marks

    Interior is excellent as well at the rest of the car

    It's MOT and tax exempt, but for full asking I can MOT it

    2 previous owners in 60 years, was last on the road in 1978 until very recently

    There are a couple of negatives, there is a grind in 1st gear when setting off and the left semaphore works when in the mood. Hence low price

    Good stuff is endless, no rust........

    Only modifications I can see are US spec clear headlight lens and US stainless steel

    Everything works and has hidden switch for 6v screen washer conversion

    Still 6v and has had a new battery recently

    Loads of new parts fitted and no expense spared

    Just had full service and lubrication so ready to go


    Shane 07400324467

    IMG_20190314_135531.jpg IMG_20190314_135541.jpg IMG_20190314_135551.jpg IMG_20190314_135558.jpg IMG_20190314_135610.jpg IMG_20190314_135625.jpg IMG_20190314_135521.jpg IMG_20190314_135510.jpg IMG_20181231_154356.jpg
  2. beautiful bug, beautiful colour... is it mango green?
    GLWS :)
  3. Thanx his name's Oliver!
    it's beryl green L478
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  4. he's such a beauty - green is the best colour for old dubs! :thumbsup:
  5. Nice bug, those rear springs are suffering from a bit of old age too, by the looks of things.

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