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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CollyP, Apr 24, 2015.

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    I think it's only the native born that can do this, I'm an import so it's not necessary.
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  2. Just pulled up at work, at this time of the morning. WTF!
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  3. This has got me wondering......how do you get 6 fillings into a sandwich? Are we talking a simple 2 slice of medium white? And what were the fillings? Salad doesn't count by the way.....
  4. It was more of a bap than a sandwich to be fair.

    We had:

    Spring onions
    Salad cream
  5. Wrong'un.
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  6. As I approached my car yesterday evening, I thought "something is different". Sure enough, one of my lovely locals had prised the badge off the front grill. I went around the back and they had tried, and failed, to do the same with the rear. Half was gone, half still attached.

    No other damage to the car.

    Not happy :-(
  7. Vauxhall meriva?
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  8. Good work I am with with a cheese and crisp sandwiches but you have taken it to the next level
  9. ukip?
  10. No - I was awake for once! :)
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  11. ow much for it back ?
  12. It wasn't kidnapped, it woz nicked!
  13. they arnt any use ta no one thou, so they will know your attached to it n play on the sentiments soon surely no ?
  14. I HATE getting up, so I'm posting here as another delaying tactic.

    I'm off to Robertsbridge for the weekend (in car not van).

    Some eating, some drinking and maybe some rowing (oars not shouting) :)

    Enjoy your bank holidays peeps!

  15. Currently sat in wetherspoons, cowley. Waiting for my fry up.
  16. Perfick
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  17. Good work that man! @oscar
  18. Not sure on that egg o_O
  19. I'm also delaying getting up, going out for lunch in a bit then away in the van up to Coventry for a BBQ tonight.

    It'll all be fun when I get there, but my bed is so warm and cozy
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  20. The miserable buggers got me here early - they are still faffing.

    Could've had another half an hour in bed!!! Grrrrrrr

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