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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CollyP, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Ha ha, that auto correct is funny. But to be fair most people look really tanned next to me.
  2. I am proud to be poo bus colour :)
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  3. Today I rode a 260mile round trip to meet my friend for lunch, then got soaked on the way home
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  4. you are sooooo rock n roll
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  5. I completely love that pic of the three dogs btw. Such naughty faces. If you ever need to re home them, I'm here!
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  6. Thank you, its my favourite pic of them, the smallest one is the naughtiest.
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  7. Its a real shame that with the leek being the welsh national vegetable, the welsh actually prefer eating carrots.

    This is based on scientific research, the results being that 58% of 3 people questioned, answered as expected
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  8. This is the "random shiz" thread, not the "shiz that everyone knows already" thread!!!
  9. im hurt. !
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  10. I love leek.
  11. I make faces in the mirror when I have a pi$$, mentioned it to my dad once at it turns out he does it too, now we have a face we pull in every family photo.... :D
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  12. I had a pee round the back of the garage today. Is that random enough?
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  13. Depends whose garage it was. Was it Benny hills? That would be random.
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  14. off the scale bro!
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  15. Flakey

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    I'm going there this morning
  16. to keep children entertained for hours give them a pressure washer, bucket , soap , water and sponges and a dirty ford Galaxy .....then laugh at them soaking each other and the various weird and wonderful games they invent whilst cleaning the car ....happy children ....clean car ...now got to sell the blasted thing for 300quid you would think someone would buy it ! :(
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  17. To keep kids entertained, give them an old van, some skateboards, an old man with a skateboard!!! :)

    Just back from bushy park, had a fresh lemon cake baked by Liv :)
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  18. i dont know cant leave you five minutes n your in ya navy blue knickers quicker than zeds bus :) you look younger :eek:
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  19. Random shiz! Love it!
    Anybody want to lend us their van! Lol!
    Seriously I'm going nuts here... Ours isn't ready for our trip this weekend.. :-( I'm worried it's going to be freeeezing for our 21month old (as we are camping in our bell tent instead as I've paid the £81 deposit) and therefore am looking at all options.. Eg VW hire!! Blimey £300 for the weekend!
    Looks like it'll be thermals all the way and if it is cold our 3 night break will be reduced to just the one night (or possibly a few brrrrrrr hours)
  20. Soz - Mine's got no heating!
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