quit sugar for a month..?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Jan 10, 2019.

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  2. Agree totally about food these days but we are surrounded by chemicals pollutions drugs and worst of all media and stress . So what’s wrong ,if your enjoying your life having things you like n doing what you enjoy why not ,you gota die some day. They keep telling us we are going to live longer ?? Proof they don’t have yet , as many arnt living they are being kept alive , why ? Greed for money !! Veg used to be good for you when you grew it your self and knew where it came from , now it’s forced sprayed and genetically farmed but it’s still good for us ??just look at vegans :D and your parents and grandparents . My mums 90 this year n her mum before 97 n her grandad 101 but people didn’t live longer then ? Live n enjoy while you can ,eat and enjoy what you like too , it’s nothing to do with anyone else. The nhs won’t be around because it’s got too many feeding off it ,that arnt ill .
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    Well said Barn:thumbsup:
  4. Quit sugar for a month? My advice from a 23 years insulin diabetic, is give up sugar. There is more than enough sugar in our modern foods already, so no need to add spoon fulls of sugar to tea and coffee. Sugar is the enemy and so are the manufacturers of processed food including bread who seem to add sugar to everything and most folks are not aware.
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  5. Well said, mgbman.:thumbsup:
  6. Far too easy to 'eat and enjoy' the wrong things though,isn't it? Especially if people KNOW that the things they are enjoying are bad. Perhaps it's bad education.
    And ,unfortunately,the bad things taste better...and if people WANT to sit around on their ever fattening arses...
    I guess if some people don't want to help themselves,though...
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  7. Yes how old are you ?
  8. 51 next week,mate.
  9. How old are you?
  10. But do you know what your going to be doing in 20 years time ?
  11. I have a plan,but it depends on how I am,I'll try my very best to carry my plan out.25 years ago,I planned to go to America.

    Last year,NASA was very interesting,and Universal was great!

    It's good to have plans,make you strive more towards them.

    So,yes,I have a plan for 20 years time,but I have a closer one to do first when I'm 60,in ten years time.

    You got any for the future?
  12. Live for the day did a lot before i was too old , but never guess ,life ain’t like that . Knocked over when I was 5 not my fault ,in a coma fa two weeks touch n go . Yeh have goals but don’t call people lazy fat arses till you’ve met them and know what they have been thru or how they have got where they are , not fair really is it . Good luck in the future, look after ya grand kids :thumbsup:
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  13. But some people are lazy,fat arses,wouldn't you agree? I or you are never going to meet them all,though.:thumbsup:.
    I'll call people what I want,it's never directed at anyone in particular,it's a observational generalisation of the world we live in today!
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  14. But why then is it your business what they do o_O. Animals are not allowed to be used in experiments now are they . Why ?
  15. ?
  16. Sorry,I don't follow.What has animals in experiments got to do with people eating too much and not excercising?
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  17. It’s what they have been and are doing with food we need to look at ,so who do they use for their experiments / guinea pigs ? Also when your under the knife or in hospital being looked after are you going to refuse if they are too” fat “ ? Have gd weekend make the most :thumbsup:
  18. . Are you going to refuse what? Do you mean,are the hospitals going to refuse a person that has put themselves in hospital becuase the reasons that they are there is becuase they have put themselves there due to making themselves too fat? Well. That is a question,but thinking about it,and the state of everything,yes,I do think that ONE day,in the not too distant future,a hospital will be more willing to help someone that is there for a different reason that CANT be avoided by the patient rather than one that can.Its a bit of a double edge sword. And apologies for the late reply,I had to go and pick up one of my sons from the train station.
    And I hope you have a rest of a great week end,and don't eat too much sugar,it'll keep you up at night...:thumbsup:
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  19. Yeh I used to do that 20 years ago !nNa didn’t mean that but ............ you can’t choose who fixes ya and ask questions why they arnt thin can you . I have known loads of people too who have eaten too much that have lived longer than us both and on the reverse who were as fit as and dropped down dead. Believe who you want ;) ps I didn’t have any sweets tonight :D
  20. Right,as I answered you...how old are you?

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