Propex install questions.

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  1. From experience never cut the air inlet pipe down, or it won't balance correctly, I learnt this the hard way :)

    I do have a 1.5 metre exhaust rather than 1metre supplied due to where I sited it.
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  2. Cheers. Also wondering where you routed the in an exhaust from the wheel tub?
  3. Its only been trial fitted so far, but the provisional routing for the flue and exhaust was going to follow the chassis and probably end behind the front jacking point.
    I'll get it fitted over the weekend as I'm still trying to sort the dash loom - will feel like I'm making some progress rather than chasing headlight wiring faults!
  4. Got my propex almost installed today, (will get pics up once they've uploaded) biggest problem I've got is it don't want to switch on - not sure if its a problem on the pcb as there is power going to the unit, but no voltage when bridged across the 2 wire +ve/-ve input to the board. :(
    Hoping its something simple as its never been switched on despite owning it for near on a year!

    Pictures and How To thread added here
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  5. Here's the box.Just the elec harness for operation and some cladding to stop it rattling around.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  6. Nice one @skirk ...Thanks for that....:thumbsup:
  7. No prob.:)
  8. @vanorak - that looks pretty simple - ie no insulation, or just a bit of closed cell stuff! Thought inlet and exhaust were on the side - seems to be on the bottom! I want one!!!!
  9. I was intrigued to see if there was anything else in the box other than the heater....would you be wanting a straightforward waterproof box to accommodate a Compact 1600?.....
    'cos that would be pretty simple to do (or get done) in Ali...
    I'm planning to build a box long enough to incorporate a silencer.....both types could be sorted though.....
  10. Yeah it's v simple.Just the harness.Propex made one for my models year as I think some differ.The vents are on the bottom as for HS2000 but on the Jurgens I have an external heater all pre enclosed so vents were on the side.
  11. Where was this sited on the bus? Trying to gauge how low the exhaust and inlet are?
  12. If you look at my earlier post.The photo of the Jurgens with the Gas/Mains propex that is the same place as where this box originally was.On a full height van I don't think it would be an issue.The propex is prob around 5-8mm higher in the box due to the insulation under it.

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