Propex install questions.

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  1. they are very safe when properly installed....fused supply, gas tight fittings, fail-safe cut need to worry on that score
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  2. So.....who do we know that does electronics and likes soldering? It's a simple board.....
  3. To be fair they are really good customer service wise, they didn't ask how old it was etc. I paid a courier £10 to get it to them, they checked it foc and covered the postage to return it. I got the impression they would have replaced anything gratis too. They told me to test it again and if it still plays up to send the motherboard in and they'll replace it.
  4. which model?
  5. Hs2000 been installed just over a year, use the bus as my daily so it's on everyday driving to and from work during winter.
  6. Cheers. Hope its sorted.Undervoltage is a pig sometimes with these. Big wires is the thing. Mine used to cut out on power when i had it wired to the main battery. Was ok on the leisure!
  7. They do need a good battery or they'll go through the start up then cut-out if anything like an eber.
  8. Cross post with @Dicky. :cheers:
  9. Yeah cheers guys powered by 110amp leisure battery, with split charger, fat cable direct from battery to front, battery fully charged before I left my gaff. Probably used it for about 1hr max before it started playing up. Started with 5flashes on thermostat which is flue/air in take checked these, no problems after a while went to 10 flashes fan wouldn't operate even on blower. Bit of a head scratcher really.
  10. Shame they're trying to make these units all singing all dancing....a simple on off, stat, thermocouple and delayed cut off relay when you shut it down....less circuitry, fewer problems...or am I missing something?
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  11. Not sure, I don't know how often they go down, think I just had a bit of bad luck.
  12. plenty of issues, but plenty good service from propex usually
  13. I think this thread just inspired me to get a regular HS2000 and see if I can install it under the floor.....

    I assumed I'd have to get the HS2211 as you can't install the HS2000 under the van (and advises not to in the instructions) but as you point you out there's no reason why not. I have nowhere in the van to mount it but a HS2211 wasn't worth the extra money. However JK stock the HS2000 and I already have some gift vouchers to use.... :thinking:

    My concern was that the combustion air inlet and flue are on the underside. I guess it is only a problem if you can't put in an immediate 90 bend off to the side to redirect the flue. Plus I'd have to make up some brackets to attach it between the sill and chassis rail, but I enjoy a challenge :D

    When I get one I'll see how easy it is to mount and post some pics of what I come up with. Bit worried about the under-voltage thing though,
  14. I'm just about to do a Kruger style install for a customer, it looks like a bit of a head scratcher but as he's done the head scratching it would be rude not to have a look at least. :)
  15. Here's a basic photo of my HS2000E external unit fitted.I also had a box for my HS2000 prior to this.Picture underneath.
    PA080019.JPG P1160422_zps2031d03d.jpg
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  16. Which heater are you using? Not to get confused - is it the newer blue one or the jaffa "Compact"?
  17. HS2000, but I've had a good look today and it won't work in this van.
  18. Is there not enough room under the seat for an HS2000?
  19. Yes but the pipe configuration means it works best as Kruger has done it on the offside.
    On the nearside, the pipes are all a bit high and the only cover plate you're allowed to remove ends up underneath.
    In the van I'm doing furniture gets in the way of output on the Kruger side, and a swing out devon unit rules out the passenger side without hacking a hole right next to seat belt mount and outputting into walkthrough. He wanted it this side to use the cooker propane in the swing out unit.
    Just too much trouble for an unsatisfactory result.
    I could hard pipe across under the flooring, but I'd have to take interior out. I think this one will end up under the bed with it's own supply.
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