Propex install questions.

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  1. Hello all. I'm about to install a propex unit in my van. Has anyone got any clever solutions? I don't want to put it under the bed because it takes up so much space(relatively speaking). Has any one put it under the van? I guess it means you can't have a belly pan on, although that's not really a problem. I thought I could route it so it connects to the heater diverter in the second crossmember, that way you could blow warm air to the screen, or through the cargo floor vent. Can you use them on the move even?
    What about gas, can you also position the bottle outside the interior area and run hard lines to the propex and cooker? I'm just looking for some input at the mo, while I try to work out a solution. Thanks in advance for any help. Fletch
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  2. Search on propex and have a read. Lots of discusion on exactly what you are asking!
  3. ...and once you've figured your out, you can do mine at techenders!:D
  4. What van have you as there are different opportunities in different models!
  5. Which one do you have and how old is it?
  6. just kampers one, bought last year... lived in my dining room and friends cellar since. still in box.
  7. it's a '79 kombi, with an early moonraker interior.
  8. It will be goosed then. Will give you £50 and use it for spares!!!
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  9. any rear - interior heater vents?
  10. I'm working on it at the moment...
    underfloor takes some thinking about, but it's the way to go to retain storage space...
    Here's my musings:
    the unit will fit, level with the chassis rails, and the bellypan can be re installed, but will need a couple of holes for the intake and exhaust...
    as the unit is pretty weedy, all duct runs need to be as short as possible, with few convolutions, and proper insulation...
    warm recirculated air needs to be drawn from as high up in the vehicle as practicable...
    fan and duct noise can be reduced by means of duct silencer/louvre vent...
    gas lines will need protection a) the keep the gas warm, b) to minimize damage...
    the installation needs to be serviceable...
    electrical connections need to be weatherproofed (heat shrink/routing etc.)
    using whilst on the move is no problem provided the inlet and exhaust are not impaired (both need to be the same length for best efficiency)
    the case itself isn't weather either a bespoke compartment, or alternative means of sealing...
    the bellypan will provide a certain amount of protection, but I wouldn't rely soley on it...

    The propex underfloor unit available is reputed to be excellent, but beyond my budget....there's no reason why a compact or X1 can't be brought up to underfloor spec. with a bit of thought....
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  11. no, I think that's a microbus feature, just the ones below the walkthrough bit.
  12. thanks @vanorak, so I guess you can't run a hard gas line along a corrugation in the cargo floor?

    Mine's a 1600 compact I think.
  13. I have a westy continental interior with the full width bed and the little buddy bench under the side window between the bed and the wardrobe. I put mine here, venting through the floor and putting the warm air straight out through the side of the buddy seat. I then put a false shelf/floor above the propex to retain some of the storage. Gas was then piped from the small gas tank which lived in the bottom of the westy wardrobe.

    I've seen someone put theirs between the front seats and then build a buddy box above it for storage

    hope that helps
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  14. I should also point out that the van has it's spare in the proper place, so zed's neat solution isn't an option.
  15. you've got more storage with a continental though, early moonrakers haven't got a lot and I want to save as much as possible.:)
  16. That was my question @vanorak - is the HS2211 under floor propex worth it both on a financial and space saving front?
  17. Thats the biggy my friend! Spoke to Propex the other day as amongst other issue I wanted to know how reliable they are as if your fitting it under the van then its a pain if you need to fix it. the guy in the workshop advised me he hadnt repaired one yet! Didnt ask how many they had sold but im guessing some will have had some hammer over winter!!

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