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  1. I have had some new curtains made up and now need to fit them to the Bus.

    I need to buy a press stud machine for the tie backs and the curtains that cover the front window and front doors use press studs to hold them in place.

    Can anyone recommend a brand, or style of press stud machine to buy, please? Soft furnishings aren't usually my thing.

    Many thanks.
  2. If it's just a one off job then I'd just use one of the manual punch and die jobbies.
    Think I paid about £10 for a kit on eBay that came with enough studs for the whole van and a little tool.
    (Apologies black studs on a black tie back aren't very visible!)

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  3. Think mine were supplied with the curtains but they are available on fleeby. Buy some new self tapping screws and a new drill bit. Do you have the alloy curtain slides already fitted? I found cutting lengths of white plastic conduit to fit the slides and just push into curtains first then just slide onto alloy slides. Worst pop studs to fit are the ones in the cab by the sides of the sunvisours. Fit them ASAP as the sun is out!
  4. @JamesLey do you by any chance have a photo or link to the kit, please?
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    Have you looked in Dunelm Mill @F_Pantos ? They have a haberdashery section. I got some new press studs for my van where I had lost a curtain.
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  9. Put heavy duty snap fasteners in Ebay 50 sets and tool for about £6/7.
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  10. Iirc we had ours done for us at somewhere like Dunelm or another local haberdashery while I waited. Actually it was probably the latter.

    it cost buttons for someone else to do it with a decent tool!!
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