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    Fellowes did mine...I think all bays seem to suffer from the accute angle the sensor forces the cable in too... though I've seen one where it's routed through the steering column bracket.
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    Thats how mines routed so its straight in to thr back of the speedo
  3. My thinking was that the effect of worn components would not be mitigated once moving more likely become more noticeable. To me the effect was similar to that of an Autopilot doing course corrections ..taking up the drift so to speak....puzzled :)
  4. loosen one of your tie rods and experiment;)
  5. In the interests of science of course.:gnome: Actualy I guess the thing to do would be to revert to manual whilst in a known wobbly situation and see what happens!
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  6. I dont suppose there are any numbers? along the lines of 66H
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    i can have a look but wont be till next weekend now
  8. Like they should be, there's a hole for it. :)
  9. In view of all this I shall have to see if there are any markings on mine. Its a tiddly little 20mm cylinder with the speedo cable in one side and the other attaches to the head unit...usual two core out.
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